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ImmuniWeb: Hire a professional ethical hacker online in 5 minutes to check the security of any website

Why Choose ImmuniWeb?

"86% of all websites have at least one serious vulnerability" - WhiteHat Security

Preventive rather than reactive approach

Many security services that notify you about hacks, compromises, defacement, infection with a malware, or inclusion into various black lists react when it is already too late. Instead of informing you about irreparable damage to your business and reputation, ImmuniWeb prevents all these problems before they occur.

Manual testing by security experts

ImmuniWeb includes a manual penetration test performed by experienced security auditors in parallel with managed vulnerability scanning. Thanks to our auditors, above 300 large vendors fixed security vulnerabilities, including Microsoft, IBM, Novell, McAfee, Sony, HP, Samsung, PHP, OpenOffice, Corel, pfSense, WordPress, Joomla, OpenX, SugarCRM, MantisBT, e107, MODX, Bitrix, and many others.

Managed vulnerability scanning technology

Vulnerability scanning performed by ImmuniWeb is going on under thorough control of our penetration testing team. The penetration testers carefully guide the scanner during the assessment, optimizing its performance and efficiency. The scanner is developed by our team of experienced software developers who instantly communicate with our penetration testers, helping them to optimize vulnerability detection algorithms and methodologies.

Manually-written actionable report

The ImmuniWeb assessment report provides you with a comprehensive overview of the current state of your website security. Your allocated security auditor carefully examines every vulnerability to suggest the most efficient patching technique appropriate for your business and technical environment. For each vulnerability discovered, we also provide you with a manually crafted and validated PoC or exploit.

Zero false-positives guaranteed

We guarantee zero false-positives in ImmuniWeb assessment report. We can do this because every ImmuniWeb report is manually written by professional penetration testers, who craft customized exploits, properly describe risk levels, and provide you with customized solutions for each vulnerability.

Configure, schedule, pay and manage online

ImmuniWeb does not require you to organise meetings, make phone calls or sign any paper documents - the entire process is securely handled online 24/7/365. Simply provide the details of the web application or website you want to test, pay with a credit card or via PayPal, and security assessment will begin. Our professional support is at your service 24/7.

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