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Explorer 510 BGAN

by Cobham
CHF 2,750.00

The Explorer 510 is the smallest BGAN terminal. Ideal for connecting smartphones, tablets or laptops from anywhere in the world.

This ultra-portable terminal has speeds of up to 484 Kbps, as well as phone service from any of your mobile devices (over Inmarsat's satellite network).

Built For Consumers & Professionals

The EXPLORER 510 provides versatility and high speed access with multiple interfaces for countless applications. Just connect your phone, laptop, smartphone or tablet, point the antenna towards the BGAN satellite - press a button, and you are online. The system offers multi-user as well as single-user functionality, making it a flexible solution for a variety of applications, such as Internet browsing, email, live video broadcasting, phone services, large file transfers, video conferencing and streaming, and VPN applications. With a compact size, it can be placed in a laptop case and offer a mobile office no matter where you are.

Smartphone Voice Calling Compatibility

Use your smartphone to make and receive calls from anyone. Download the iPhone or Android app. Make calls simultaneously with an open Internet connection, without degrading Internet service.


The Explorer 510 has an Ingress rating of IP66 (dust-tight & waterjet resistant), which means this terminal will operate in rainforests, or on top of freezing glaciers. (-25°C to +55°C)

Explorer 510 Features
  • One-Button Auto-Connect to the Internet (after pointing). Easy to use by anyone.
  • Operates with all BGAN Internet Service Plans, Monthly or Prepaid, or Streaming.
  • The most portable BGAN Terminal - 202 x 202 x 51.8 mm
  • Very lightweight - 1.4 kg
  • 100 meters WiFi Range. Excellent for working indoors, or at distance
  • Delivers standards Internet speeds of up to 464 Kbps download, 464 Kbps up (class 2 BGAN)
  • Web interface for connectivity options, usage logs, call logs, many hidden features!
  • Operates in very cold or very hot weather at -25°C to +55°C
  • Use your Android or iPhone phone to make/receive calls over BGAN (using a new satellite phone #)
  • SMS texting from your smart device including iMessage on the iPhone.
  • USB port (1 amp) for Ethernet (with adapter). Can be used as recharge port for other devices.
  • CE, FCC, GMPCS and IC certified
  • 2 year standard warranty with 3 and 5 year extended warranties available

Download Explorer 510 BGAN brochure

This product requires a SIM card. We offer a wide range of prepaid and postpaid airtime plans. Please contact us to find the right plan for you.

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