+41 22 552 2079
Free test call:

Inmarsat: +870 776 999 999
Iridium:    +1 480 752 5105
Thuraya:   11 11 2

Network coverage maps:

Inmarsat is a UK-based satellite network offering near-global coverage. Its geostationary satellites offer excellent quality of service virtually anywhere on the planet. The areas not covered are in the polar regions of the Earth.


Iridium is an American company, whose satellite communication network has 100% global coverage.

Thuraya is based in the UAE. Like Inmarsat, it operates several geostationary satellites but its network is more regional. Thuraya's equipment is extremely popular in the Middle East, Europe and Africa. Please note, that there is no coverage in the Americas. In Africa, the coverage does not extend south of Angola.



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+41 22 552 2079
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