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We provide consulting services and equipment that together make your home a smarter and safer place to be


Our homes are already full of modern conveniences and connected devices. As the Internet of Things matures, the number of "smart" appliances will only increase. However, few people realize that home networks are very vulnerable to attacks by cybercriminals. What is worse, standard broadband modems supplied by telecom companies provide almost no protection against hackers and contain numerous vulnerabilies that are easily exploited.

From stealing your financial data over insecure home Wi-Fi networks to monitoring remotely your IP video camera feeds, hackers pose serious risks to your privacy and security.


Secure@Home is a comprehensive service and, in addition to cyberprotection, we take physical security very seriously. In today's uncertain economic climate, the number of crimes against property is steadily growing. Burglaries, home invasions and thefts of movable assets are just a few of the risks that must be addressed.


Protected networksProtected networks

A professional quality firewall puts your computers and connected devices beyond the reach of cyberciminals. We install and manage hardware firewalls made by Fortinet and Palo Alto, the premier providers of network security solutions.

Secure Wi-FISecure Wi-FI

From separate networks for guest users to the latest Wi-Fi access points, Secure@Home will make your Wi-Fi considerably safer. We can even supply access points in hundreds of different colours to seamlessly blend in with the interior of your home.

Private cloudsPrivate clouds

Safely store your important documents and digital media files in your own private cloud. Access your home network and your data from any device and from anywhere in the world via a secure VPN connection.

IP video camerasIP video cameras

Monitor your property inside and outside at any time of day or night. Record video streams to servers located at your home or at one of our Swiss data centres. Access recordings and live feeds remotely using tablets and smartphones.

Home AlarmsHome Alarms

Working together with our partners, we can install the latest in home alarms to protect your family and property. If activated, the alerts can go directly to your smartphone or to a certified monitoring service.


Contact, motion, temperature, and electrical current sensors from UBIQUITI can send you an alert should an unexpected situation develop at home while you are away.

Satellite TrackingSatellite Tracking

Keep track of your vehicles, boats and even aircraft using the Iridium satellite network. A web portal will show the exact location of all your assets in real-time, wherever they happen to be in the world.

Backup internetBackup internet

Should your ISP experience an outage, our range of hybrid satellite connectivity solutions will automatically switch your network to run on 4G or satellites from Inmarsat and Iridium. You will be able to continue making calls and access the internet.

Backup generatorsBackup generators

A modern home cannot run without electricity. We supply cost-effective solar and fuel-cell power solutions that will keep distruption to a minimum until regular electrical supply is restored. From hours to days, your life will remain unaffected no matter what caused the outage.

Installation and implementation

Most of the solutions that make up Secure@Home function on plug-and-play basis. This allows us to serve customers in Switzerland and many other countries around the world.

In those cases where significant consulting and implementation work is required, We-Secure.ch jointly with our extensive network of partners will be able to provide pre-sales advice and installation services in person at your premises.

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+41 22 552 2079
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