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Satellite & GSM Tracking

Satellite and GSM tracking combined in a single affordable service offering

Our web-based integrated satellite and GSM solutions allow you to track in real-time the exact location of everything that is important to you or your business. Combined with hardware from dozens of manufacturers, they are certain to give you the feeling of security and peace of mind.

What we can track

- Family members, including children and the elderly
- Employees
- Valuable assets such as luxury vehicles
- Private yachts and large vessels
- Aircraft of all sizes
- Trucks
- Individual cargo containers in transit

Features and benefits

Global coverage from pole to pole
The combination of satellite and GSM-based tracking provides comprehensive global coverage in the most remote places on the planet, as well is in urbanized settings.

Utilize almost any available tracking hardware
There are currently more than 50 hardware units that can be used on our web-based platforms. Should there be a specific unit needed for an upcoming project, we can implement the information into our platform to get your assets tracked.

Panic button and SOS tracking
Many of our products have integrated one-touch SOS buttons that can be used in an emergency to quickly send a request for help. In many cases the buttons are programmable, meaning that the SOS message can go to several specified recipients - a dedicated Search & Rescue centre, a family member, or the corporate security team.

Multilingual & Multi-Platform
English, Spanish, French, and German are the currently available languages. Should you require another language, we can easily configure our systems to accomodate your request. Aside from offering a choice of multiple languages, the information is reported in various types of measurement units: MPH or KPH, American Metric system or SI.

Track by position, speed, altitude and heading
Multiple tracking hardware units have the capability of providing not just the position of any object or person; they can also report in which direction they are moving, how fast, and even at what altitude.

Receive an alert when a parked vehicle unexpectedly moves or ventures outside of a certain prescribed area.

Alerts based on speed, start, stop, and power on and off
Find out when car doors are opened, the vehicle stops, ignition has been turned on or off, if the battery has been disconnected, or even if someone is sitting in the back seat. Tracking hardware combined with properly installed sensors can help provide a wealth of information. 

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