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High security shredders

IDEAL Shredders - security, reliability and award-winning design in one package

The risks of industrial espionage, identity theft, and other privacy violations need to be taken extremely seriously. It is vital to destroy all unneeded information, whether in paper or digital form. We-Secure.ch is an authorized Swiss distributor of the finest high security shredders and hard-drive destruction equipment manufactured by IDEAL (Krug & Priester) of Germany. The machines we supply are guaranteed to destroy and make all your data unrecoverable by any modern means.

Office shredders are not all the same

Very few people realize that not all shredders are created equal and, in fact, they can be rated according to their security levels, with 7 being most secure and 1 providing almost no real protection. The higher the number, the harder it will be for someone to reconstruct the shredded material.

We specialize in Security Level 5, 6 and 7 equipment, ranging in size from desk-side to enterprise.

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